First Consultation

First Examination

After the first consultation, an examination will most probably follow. If you wish, the examination can also be carried out at a later stage. Usually, a gynaecological and an ultrasound examination will be carried out. Subsequent to this, a blood sample will be taken. A blood sample will also be taken from the men, and they will also be given an appointment for their ejaculate to be examined.

When the results of the examinations of both the man and the woman are available, we will discuss the results and agree on the therapy that will be carried out. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding issues that worry or aspects you have not fully understood. We do not see ourselves as people who want to do something to you.

We much rather want to accompany you on your way to having a child, and to becoming a happy family. We would like to walk along this way with you for a while, and to help you with our knowledge and our abilities. At some point, you may even get annoyed with us; this is normal. But please do make sure to tell us about it so we can solve possible discords and misunderstandings.

Extensive Discussion

Before any examination or treatment takes place, we will extensively talk with the couples that come to see us. This way we get to know each other. It is best if both partners, woman and man, come to this first consultation.

We learn about your medical history. The doctor receives most information for a correct diagnosis through the anamnesis, i.e. your medical history. If your doctors, e.g. your gynaecologist, urologist, or andrologist have already done examinations, please bring the results with you. They will provide us with important information for further treatment.

Based on this information and on our first consultation, the treatment plan is laid out. During this first consultation, you will receive general information on the various steps of treatment. Suggestions for treatment details drawn up for the individual couple desiring a child can then be made after the results of the first examinations have been received.