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Has your dream of a family still not come true?

Let us help you and your partner to fulfill this wish. We can inform you about the different possibilities of a clarification of male and female fertility. We are happy to give you our professional advice on the treatment methods that are suitable for you.
In addition, we give you an overview of current topics and developments.

With us you are in good hands! We have over 20 years of experience and will be by your side at all time.

Professional association
Dr. med. Matthias Bloechle and Dr. med. Silke Marr

Understanding fertility treatment

From 100 newborn children in Germany, currently three are born after a fertilization outside the body, and every sixth couple needs medical support, as the path of creating a family is not always direct.

Every couple needs their individual advice and therapy even if the goal of giving birth to a healthy child is for everyone.

Two women and three children

In the early nineties Pascale B. and Heike C. were one of the first female couples to become pregnant through insemination.

Heike gave birth to twins and Pascale to another child and they are now a very happy family.

Back then this was exception, but nowadays with it being part of a common treatment in our society, we are happy to support every couple on their way to a family.

Social Freezing

Our life expectancy has increased by 10 years in the last decades. Also, the average age of mothers to be has increased from 24 years to more than 31 years. Unfortunately though, the natural fertility of oocytes decreases before the age of 30.

By cryopreserving the oocytes, it is now possible to avoid this biological clock and thus decide for yourself when the right time has come to start a family. Start speaking to us today so that we can show you all the options that can help you start your family life tomorrow.

Our doctors

Dr. med. Matthias Bloechle

Dr. med. Silke Marr

Frau Astrid Kim

Dr. med. Rosa Rendtorff

Dr. med. Kristin Fadai

Dr. Franziska Pauly

Dr. Friederike Tarraz

Kinderwunsch Zentrum in Berlin


Where can you find us?

In the heart of Berlin, we advise you on the different options of fertility treatment.

We will be by your side from the beginning on and will give our best to offer you a perfect treatment.

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