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Dr. med. Matthias Bloechle

Scientific research on questions of prenatal diagnosis, obstetric and gynecological doppler sonography, methods of ultrasound-assisted tube diagnostics, endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in gynecology and the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders of Müller's ducts, and the significance of hydrosalpings (closed and fluid-filled fallopian tubes) for the success of IVF treatment.

Claire Weiß

Research on the consequences after chemotherapy in pregnancy and influence of antihormonal therapy on hormone receptor positive breast cancer, care of pregnant women with gestational diabetes

Dr. med. Rosa Rendtorff

Research on fertility after childhood cancer.

Dr. med. Silke Marr

Scientific work on topics of vaginal sonography and endometrial diagnostics. Sonography approval of “der deutschen Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin”.

Dr. med. Viola Mehler

Research on the influence of nutrition on different metabolic parameters, consulting of pregnant women with risk pregnancies and minimal invasive surgeries in the field of gynaecology.

Dr. Franziska Pauly

Wissenschaftliche Beschäftigung mit Auswirkungen mütterlicher Gerinnungsstörungen auf den Blutverlust unter der Geburt. Folgen für die Fertilität nach konservativen und operativen Massnahmen zur Therapie lebensbedrohlicher, mütterlicher Blutungen unter der Entbindung.

Miss Astrid Kim

Scientific work on quality of life after surgical treatment of cervical cancer.

Dr. med Kristin Fadai

Scientific involvement with gynecological and fetomaternal ultrasound control and Doppler sonography (DEGUM-certified). Care of pregnant women with gestational diabetes, cervical shortening and immanent premature birth (Prof. Arabin) and gynecological infections (Prof. Mendling).

Dr. Friederike Tarraz

Specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy psychosocial counseling.

Dr. Corinna Pirsig

Specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy psychosocial counseling.

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