Welcome to Kinderwunschzentrum at the Gedächtniskirche

Group Practice
Dr. Matthias Bloechle and Dr. Silke Marr

Are You Affected by Infertility?

And would you like to consult a medical professional regarding
this problem?

We can inform you of the possibilities of determining fertility problems in men and women, and we can also offer you advice concerning the methods of treatment most suitable for you. Furthermore, we will give you an overview on what’s newin this field. We successfully introduced polar body analysis into IVF treatment, and we are the only team in Berlin and Brandenburg who can refer to healthy children born after applying this method.

The Kinderwunschzentrum has been declared centre of competence and schooling by the companies Nikon and Alphametrix.

Our special qualification in the area of polar body analysis and FISH diagnostics has thus been acknowledged by two leading suppliers of microscopy and image and data processing equipment. For these companies, we will be a reference centre for other medical practices interested in this new technology.